The company Air et Volume

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The Air et Volume guarantee: 3 years

All of Air et Volume's games are guaranteed for 3 years.

This guarantee, unique in France, is a result of the high quality of Air et Volume's materials, Air et Volume's techniques of assembly and reinforcements. Air et Volume combines different techniques: sewing, thermo welding, high frequency welding and bonding.



We promise a repurchase of your inflatable game after 3 years

Air et Volume guarantees the repurchase of your inflatable game after 3 years at 30% of the new inflatable game's purchase price (exclusive of VAT).

For example: You buy a new inflatable game for 3000 € (exclusive of VAT) on January 1st 2017.

We will repurchase it from you (if you wish) at 30% of its new value, which is 900 € (exclusive of VAT) on January 1st 2020 (deadline of repurchase at this tariff).


Asociétéir et Volume and the inflatable's history in France

The inflatables appear in the twentieth century and come from the Anglo-Saxon countries (United States, England), but as soon as 1984, France comes forward with the company "CONTACT PRODUCTION" created by Renaud Mazoyer (current CEO of the company Air et Volume), whose manufacturing facilities were located in Pessac in the department of Gironde. 

No market existed for the use of inflatables at this time and Renaud Mazoyer and his team fought to impose the technique of the inflatable in: Games, Inflatable promotional products, Inflatable settings and in Inflatable advertising.



société 2Very quickly, many professionals were convinced by the high technicality of inflatable manufacturing developed by Renaud Mazoyer: television through Guy Lux and the INTERVILLES, IT'S A KNOCK OUT (JEUX SANS FRONTIERES), LE GRAND JOURNAL DE CANAL+, but also with the amusement parcs PARC EURODISNEY, LE PARC ASTERIX, the tours in various cities by EUROPE 1RTL, Le CLUB MED, etc... 

In the 80ies, Air et Volume was the only MANUFACTURER in France. Then came distributors of foreign manufacturers and later with the Internet, the globalization kicked in. 

Since 1984, Air et Volume only manufactures inflatable structures. Based on this, Air et Volume has developed reliable techniques and identified the right materials to reinforce our inflatable games



Air et Volume complies with the AFNOR standard EN 14960. All of its inflatable games (bouncy castles, inflatable slides, inflatable courses, air mountains, inflatable aquatic games etc...) are submitted, as soon as they are designed, to the requirements of the AFNOR standard EN 14960 and may not be approved by our "Quality Department" unless they fully comply with the specifications imposed by this standard. 


Air et Volume in 2017, means 3 200 m² of workshops plus a 1000 m²-sized covered show-room in Nogent-le-Rotrou at 130 km southwest of Paris.