Tips & Tricks

How to winter your inflatable game :

Your season is coming to an end and you are in the process of storing your inflatable games, here are a few tips that will help their wintering in good conditions:

Cleaning the game (see our washing agent)nettoyage

Drying the outside and the inside of the game:

To do this, go into the mattress in order to vacuum up all the water and dry using clean and dry cloths.

Folding, rolling and storage in a dry, ventilated place.



How to do maintenance on your Gibbons blower :

1) With an air blower gun, remove as much dust
as possible.


2) Starting with the side of the engine.

00-enlever-poussiere   01-air-cote-moteur


3) Then repeat the same procedure through the
ventilation grille, by aiming the fins.



4) Do not forget to blow air also into the lower
part of the engine.

02-air-cote-grille   03-dessous_moteur


5) and into the holes on the side.



6) Finish by blowing air into the cone.

04-cote   05-air-dans-cone


7) Then clean with a sponge and a little soapy water.



8) Properly and regularly maintained your blower
will have an increased output and its
engine will heat up much less.








How to replace a Gibbons blower capacitor :

1) Unscrew the air outlet cone from the hull
and remove it.



2) Unpop the rivets of the air vent and remove it.


3) Unpop the rivets all around the hull.



 (on the side where the ventilation outlet is).


4) Unscrew the stand.



5) Replace the capacitor.










How to fold an inflatable game:

1) Deflate the game - Make sure that all zippers are open.

2) Walk (with socks) on the game to make the air go out, starting with the ends and going to the ventilation hose.

3) When the game is flat, fold up its sides.

4) Starting from one end, roll the game up, as tight as possible.

For an even easier folding look into our Accessories catalog the Electric winder (400) for inflatable games !