Inflatable POS/POP advertising



Inflatable POS/POP advertising for a theatricalization in the store Images

Perceuse Dewalt GonflableEnhance impulse buying in the store

STAND OUT with your inflatable oversized and upgraded product.

Your inflatable POS/POP advertising will capture the attention of your customers and will trigger the act of purchasing.

The Air et Volume inflatable POS/POP advertising will amaze by their originality and their design and will boost and color your promotional space !

Inflatable POS/POP solutions, small batch and mass produced, in small and large sizes.

Each customer will remember your product...




Inflatable promotional products  Images

Arche Riders Cup AvoriazA NUDGE TO EXPOSURE

Air et Volume provides its technical expertise and experience in order to offer a qualitative and personalized manufacturing for your inflatable promotional products :

  • inflatable arches, inflatable totems, skydancers, inflatable igloo tents, inflatable hot air balloons...
  • Many customized inflatables to optimize your cultural, sporting or commercial event
  • Flexibility of use, ease of transport and maintenance, reliability make the Air et Volume inflatable structures an efficient asset for an active communication !
  • All shapes and sizes, in small series or in bulk...

Storage, maintenance and cleaning are proposed to you throughout the year to ensure the longevity of your inflatable structures.




Inflatable settings and inflatable structures for events Images

decor1_articleFrom dream to reality

More than 32 years in the service of most major events, our team of professionals knows how to be attentive to the most original ideas and is able to transform them into volume.

From the classical convention to traveling tours, from major sports events to the world of entertainment, the development and the modernity of our manufacturing techniques meet the always increasing requirements of filmmakers, directors and producers.

Magnitude, gigantism, theatricalization, the inflatable structures offer a wide range of possibilities for original creations.

Storage, maintenance and cleaning are proposed to you by Air et Volume throughout the year to ensure the longevity of your inflatable structures.

The domains:

Show, Sports, Culture, All events

The materials : 

PVC or PU fabric M1 fire-rated, Velvet, Fake fur

Inflatable sports structures  Images

sport_articleThe inflatable medium serving sports

An essential tool for your :

  • summer or winter tours
  • educational and initiation events
  • fun activities
  • road shows
  • promotional events
  • signposting

Boost the space, and stand out!

Allow yourself the optimal and safe exposure with the Air et Volume inflatable structures.

Flexibility of use, quick installation, easy to transport, store and do maintenance on.

Fixed or Velcro retractable banners to enhance your sponsors.

Air et Volume proposes storage, maintenance and cleaning throughout the year to ensure the longevity of your inflatable structures.